Upskill Together Partnerships

Upskilling underrepresented communities is a social and economic imperative. Together we can accelerate opportunity for all.

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Equitable Access to In-Demand Skills and Jobs

The Upskill Together platform and partner ecosystem accelerate access to in-demand industry credentials and rewarding careers in technology for underserved and underrepresented communities across North America.

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Upskill Together Ecosystem

SkillStorm’s comprehensive partner network includes universities, non-profits, veteran associations, tech companies, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and industry leaders.

Technology Partners
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Founding Academic Partners
UNLV Upskill Together
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Education & Workforce Development Partners

Together we can upskill underrepresented and underserved groups in your community.

The Upskill Together Platform changes lives. When students, alums, veterans, or individuals in your community upskill, an equal opportunity is created for underserved individuals in your region.

As the conduit to the community, Education and Workforce Development Partners identify underserved individuals who are ready to accelerate their careers and advance in technology. When referred for an Upskill Together match scholarship, they will receive the same access to in-demand training and game-changing certifications, fueling a diverse and inclusive workforce that builds equity for all.

Corporate Partners

While upskilling your workforce, you can also build a diverse, skilled talent pipeline accessible to you.

Upskill Together leverages the same leading-edge courses and authorized trainers powering your digital transformation initiatives to equally prepare diverse talent with the same industry credentials, building your future workforce.

It’s simple – Your employees can now gain the skills and certifications from Authorized Instructors. For every employee that enrolls in an industry certification course with one of our Academic Partners, Upskill Together will provide a Match Scholarship to someone from an underrepresented background for the same course at no cost.

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